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October 3, 2008

October 08 Clothing Catalog.

Hey pengs. Jey009 here. The October Clothing Catalog has been realised. Its really cool because the superhero mask and the Gold viking helmet has returned.

Here are some pictures of the catalog.

The Clothing Catalog secrets are:

 Click on the light at the top left of the picture to get it.

There is a new item here. It’s the Black Scuba Mask. It reminds me of ninjas. To get it click the lighthouse

For the Jade Necklace click on the right hand of the light blue penguin.

The new items are:

  • Frankenpenguin Hat. (400 coins)
  • Frankenpenguin Costume. (450 coins)
  • Bee Wings. (350 coins)
  • Bee Costume.(450 coins)
  • Bee Antena. (200 coins)
  • Faery Wig. (450 coins)
  • Faery Costume. (550 coins)
  • Faery Wings. (350 coins)
  • Ghost Costume. (600 coins)
  • Skeleton. (450 coins)
  • Clown Suit. (450 coins)
  • Clown Wigs. (210 coins)
  • Superhero Mask. (100 coins)
  • Black Scuba Mask. (200 coins)


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